Conceiving, testing and tasting recipes for TMix+ reminds me of my old life as a restaurant reviewer: it’s great when everything works out, not so great when it’s a clear fail. There were many times on the reviewing trail when I’d leave with the clear knowledge I’d never get those two hours of my life back again. More often than not these visits would end without a review. My policy was to provide negative reviews (or less than glowing) only to those places with reputations that deserved close examination. The problem with that was that we might end up eating out three times in a week, searching for a place worth a visit and worth a push. First world problem, I know, but without reviews of one sort or another, standards can remain stagnant.

So, a recipe that looks a natural for Thermomix might turn out to be a dud, at least at first try. Success is rarely a first go ‘bingo’.

Then there’s the need for more, the right accompaniment to turn a simple dish that may, or may not, be a standalone, into something that brings about a gee whiz, wow from our readers.

So it was with a recipe we’re including in the winter/spring edition, an ice cream laced with cinnamon, honey, orange, vanilla and port. Ice cream pretty well always needs a partner, whether it be a simple juice, a pile of fresh or stewed fruits, chocolate, wafers, or a mix of the lot.

In this case, I wanted a sauce that would add more zip to the initial cinnamon flavour of the ice cream, so it was merely a matter of using the same set of ingredients, and bringing them together in a different way. And yes, this can be done in a pot, but why stand and stir, when the machine can do it for you?

And double yes, this was one recipe that was ‘bingo’ first go. 

Recipe: Cinnamon, port and orange sauce

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