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Chocolate-Sichuan Madeleines

Time: 7 minutes in the Thermomix, minimum 30 minutes resting; 10 minutes baking
Yield: 24

Goodness me, what would Marcel Proust say about adding chocolate AND Sichuan peppercorns to his beloved madeleines? Genius that he was, he surely would have mused over the additions, dipped one in his tea, and said, “Tres bien.” After all, his words, in Remembrance of Things Past, were of the memory of his aunt Léonie’s freshly baked madeleines, dipped in her tea. Given the strength of the chocolate and pepper in this variation to the traditional, very buttery little cake, perhaps swap tea for chocolate or espresso for your own journey down memory lane. And yes, you will need madeleine moulds for this dish—there is no substitute.

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Chocolate-Sichuan Madeleines