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Chocolate & Strawberry Pavlova

Time: 19 minutes in the Thermomix; minimum 2 hours chilling; 40 minutes baking
Yield: 10

Pavlova: is it a New Zealand or Australian classic? While that is the subject of long-running debate,
we can all agree that this simple dessert based on egg whites and sugar is easy to make in the Thermomix.
A vinegar wash before whipping the egg whites is highly recommended to ensure there is no trace of fat
in the mixing bowl or on the butterfly whisk. It is also important to ensure that when separating the egg whites,
there is no trace of yolk. In this version of pavlova, the long-established Adelaide family chocolatier Haigh’s
adds a swirl of grated chocolate to the meringue and luxurious chocolate cream to the traditional fruit decoration.

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Chocolate & Strawberry Pavlova