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Homemade Brousse Curd Cheese

Time: 8 minutes in the Thermomix; 10 minutes resting
Yield: 1 cheese (about 150–200 grams)

For Express Breads with Smashed Peas & Mint Dip, page 82

Brousse is a whey cheese traditional to southern France, the island of Corsica and parts of northern Italy. Cow’s, sheep’s or goat’s milk all work to make this soft, spreadable cheese adapted for the Thermomix by Yolaine Corbin—so long as the milk is fresh. 

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Homemade Brousse Curd Cheese
1 kilogram fresh milk (not long-life)
30 grams apple cider vinegar
1 teaspoon sea salt
  1.  Heat the milk in the mixing bowl 7 minutes/85 degrees (90 for TM31)/speed 1. Make sure you keep an eye on the temperature. Stop the timer as soon as the temperature reaches the set level so it doesn’t boil over the lid.
  2.  Add vinegar, stir in 10 seconds/speed 3
  3. Wait 10 minutes for the milk to curdle, then pour into a muslin cloth placed in a sieve and allow to drain for a few minutes.
  4. Return the cheese to the bowl, add salt and mix 5 seconds/speed 4.
  5. For a herb and garlic version, blitz 1 garlic clove with some chopped chives and parsley leaves 3 seconds/speed 7 before returning the curd to the bowl. Add the salt, season with cracked pepper and mix 8 seconds/speed 5.