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Millas Cake

Time: 2 minutes in the Thermomix; 20 minutes resting; 30 minutes baking
Yield: 8–10

Millas is a specialty of south-west France, a long-lost “peasant” cake halfway between a clafoutis and a flan, which can sadly only be enjoyed nowadays if you make it yourself. The good news is, it is super-fast and easy to prepare and you can customise it with anything you fancy. Omit the sugar and make it savoury for a delicious and simple light lunch or picnic dish. Enjoy au naturel, or with fresh berries, or with a compote made from fruit such as black cherries. Just before serving, you may dust with a little caster sugar and caramelise: under a hot grill; on the stove top, by turning it upside-down in a frying pan; or with a blowtorch, as you would for a crème brulee. You may even like to flambé with brandy, such as Armagnac.

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Millas Cake