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Peach & Pistachio Tart

Time: 31 minutes in the Thermomix; 2 hours resting pastry minimum; 30 minutes cooling peaches; 30 minutes baking
Yield: 9 or 16 (depending on the size of the peaches)

This tart really thinks outside the square, wouldn’t you say? Give a twist to the traditional frangipane almond cream by adding pistachio paste made from scratch—the result is a moist, rich and earthy filling, sensational with the buttery, crisp, sweet pastry and the delicate, juicy, poached fruits. Here, the peaches are poached/steamed to perfection in the Varoma.

The tart and its filling can be baked (and frozen) ahead of time, however, we recommend leaving the garnishing
until the day it will be consumed as the juices will seep through and could eventually turn the pastry soggy.
A flawless, fruity dessert—it will be hard to refrain from that second slice!

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Peach & Pistachio Tart