Introducing TMix+ — Launching a new community of cooks

Welcome to TMix+—the first magazine created for users of the Thermomix in Australia. It connects the Thermomix community—a passionate group of people who love to cook with, talk about and engage with their Thermomix on a daily basis—through warm, honest and inspiring content.

A quarterly magazine, it is a collectible product that has equal pride of place on bookshelves and kitchen benches. TMix+ encapsulates the Thermomix spirit: excellent quality, inspiring, loyal, progressive and passionate. It is not about providing ‘cheffy’ recipes: our goal is to create recipes that will become part of the repertoire of everyday cooks, while maximising the brilliance of the Thermomix.

There’s a lot more to TMix+ than just a selection of recipes—we have created a fully-rounded magazine for our readers. In addition to 40+, rigorously tested, recipes, each issue will include conversations with chefs and cooks, essays on ingredients tracing their long history (or short), great photos shot exclusively for TMix+, and will encourage ongoing dialogue between members of the TMix+ community.

TMix+ issue 1, retailing for $19.95, is available now from newsagents and bookstores across Australia, or can be purchased online at—a companion website that will rarely sleep. Subscriptions can be purchased at the low cost of $59.95 (incl. postage and handling; RRP for four individual issues $79.80). Subscribers receive four editions, home delivered anywhere in Australia at a discount of 25%, plus a regular newsletter, and full access to Subscribers are also eligible to participate in exclusive rewards programs as well as regular competitions and giveaways.

Available for interview:

Geoff Slattery—former restaurateur, restaurant critic, author, publisher, and avowed Thermomix user—leads the TMix+ team. He serves as TMix+’s publisher, editor and chief contributor.

Lesley Russell is TMix+’s professional chef. She joined the team at the start of 2015, after a long career in commercial cooking, as a chef, and a teacher, and has been cooking with the Thermomix day and night ever since. She creates, tests and retests all recipes in TMix+.

Should you wish more information, to utilise excerpts or recipes, or to interview any of our team, please contact Courtney Nicholls at 03 9627 2600 or email:

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