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Almond Custard with Chocolate Gateau

Time: 11 minutes in the Thermomix; 4–5 hours chilling
Yield: 10–12

Desserts are the Julia Child dishes I enjoyed converting the most; I found the selection we handpicked for this segment of similar quality to what you would expect from a Parisian patisserie or fine restaurant. Charlotte is the French answer to the English summer pudding. This Charlotte Basque is rich but incredibly light and delicate in the mouth. It looks impressive but is actually easy to assemble and very forgiving if you cover it with lots of fruit and icing. It’s well worth making your own finger biscuits rather than using store-bought; Julia Child notes: “They must be of excellent quality, not the soggy, baking powder variety. If you cannot make them, or have not the time to make them, omit the ladyfingers all together and turn the almond cream into a ring mold, or into a serving dish, or into individual dessert cups.”

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Almond Custard with Chocolate Gateau