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Apple-Cinnamon French Toast

Time: 14 minutes in the Thermomix; 10 minutes assembling; 18-20 minutes baking
Yield: Serves 6

In French, French Toast has the more descriptive name of pain perdu, which translates as ‘lost bread’. The descriptor is perfect—bread that was stale, ie ‘lost’, is given a new life when fried with eggs and milk, as a savoury, or with sugar and milk and spices in the sweet form. There are as many versions of French Toast as there are cheeses in France, and it’s not just a French dish—you’ll find versions throughout Italy and in India, under the name of Bombay Toast. Yolaine is nothing but a seeker of excellence. Here she has gone to the top, with not just any bread, but brioche, and not just any flavouring, but frangipane and cinnamon syrup. This upmarket model comes from Normandy, where it goes by the tag, Bostock. There, it’s always made with brioche, but you can use pain de mie, or a simple milk bread.

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Apple-Cinnamon French Toast