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Baked Semolina Gnocchi Gnocchi alla Romana

Time: 29 minutes in the Thermomix; 10 minutes infusing, minimum 3 hours setting; 20 minutes baking
Yield: 4

Here is an excellent addition for meat-free Mondays and kids’ hit playlists. A regular at the Easter table in Italy, Gnocchi alla Romana (Roman gnocchi) is easy to make and can be prepared ahead of time. Hardly known in Australia, semolina gnocchi came long before its better-known cousin, potato gnocchi, and does not require any artful wielding of fork tines. The base consists of a thick, custardy semolina dough which traditionally requires a lot of elbow grease (perfect job for the Thermomix) which is then spread onto a tray, set and cut into shape before being baked simply with gratinated cheese, a tomato base, or a creamy cheese sauce. For this recipe we chose delicious Gorgonzola cheese.

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Baked Semolina Gnocchi  Gnocchi alla Romana