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Banoffee Pie

Time: 7 minutes in the Thermomix; minimum 2 hour 15 minutes resting pastry; 23 minutes blind baking; 2 hours chilling minimum
Yield: 8–10

The famous English pie that combines banana and toffee could not be left out of this condensed milk segment. Originally, the toffee part was made by boiling the condensed milk for several hours before pouring it onto a base often made out of tightly packed crushed biscuits and butter and topped with banana slices and whipped cream—a heavy but oh-so-heavenly combination.

Our version includes a pastry for a base but all the components can be changed or simplified to your liking. You may want to use a crumbled biscuit base, or fresh banana slices only instead of the compote, or omit the chocolate, melted caramel and nut topping —the choice is entirely yours.

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Banoffee Pie