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Beef Korma

Time: 1 hour prep (includes garam masala, korma paste and curry); 15 minutes in the Thermomix; 2 hours oven
Yield: 6–8

In a globalised world where cooks from Canberra to Calgary whip up tacos with the same alacrity as they do a Thai salad, it’s hard to believe curry-phobics still exist. If they do, this may be the dish that drives them into extinction. Like many specialities of the Punjab region of northern India and Pakistan, it seduces with nuanced spicing rather than the fiery special effects more often found in dishes further south on the subcontinent. 

Gelatinous shin beef is simmered slowly, slowly, slowly with a paste of spices, garlic, ginger, coconut and tomato until meltingly tender, then finished with yoghurt or cream. The result is fragrant and complex, and will leave you counting the days until you can have it again.

Korma paste is the key. Don’t be put off by the long ingredients list: the Thermomix turns what seems like a fiddly process into a super korma paste in a matter of minutes and far outclasses anything you’ll find on supermarket shelves. The same goes for the garam masala—yes, you can buy it, but it’s easily made and adds irreplaceable freshness and quality to the finished dish. Once the paste is made the cooking is simple.

This recipe makes between 700–800 grams of paste, enough for three or four batches of korma. You can refrigerate the excess paste for a week or so, or freeze in 200-gram parcels for next time. Raisins give lovely texture to the sauce and add sweet undertones.

This is ideal for making ahead of time. For the deepest flavour it’s always best to make curry at least a day before serving. Cook until the beef is tender, then refrigerate. Spoon off excess oil and reheat gently before adding the coconut cream and yoghurt. 

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Beef Korma