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Black Rice Rolls with Chorizo Butter

Time: Time for the rice, 2 hours soaking, plus overnight cooling, 1 hour in the Thermomix; 3 minutes in the Thermomix; 2 hours proving; 10-15 minutes baking
Yield: 18-20 Balls

Black rice is an interesting rice variety that has a slight nutty note and often turns an attractive deep-purple colour when cooked. Here it’s infused with the fragrance of pandan—a favourite Asian-style combo—and mixed with soft nuts and cacao. Cacao powder is a raw product, as compared to cocoa, which is made from roasted beans, and is essentially the most concentrated version of chocolate—the unsweetened type. 

Instead of adding sugar, add pork! The smoky spice in chorizo sausage and lime zing in the butter added to these rolls make a moreish, exotic mouthful. 

The recipe requires some planning, as it needs to be started the day before, but it’s a dish that will be remembered fondly long after it’s finished. 


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Black Rice Rolls  with Chorizo Butter