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Butterscotch & Lime Ice Cream

Time: 20 minutes in the Thermomix, 30–45 minutes cooling down, churning as needed
Yield: 500 millilitres

That comforting-as-a-cardigan ye olde English flavour combination of brown sugar and butter, butterscotch, gets a lime lift in this ice cream that’s both rich and refreshing. Don’t have an ice cream churn? Don’t stop reading. Yolaine’s recipe includes instructions for making ice cream using a churn and without a churn—which simply requires that you make the ice cream custard a day ahead of serving. The recipe keeps giving, as it can easily be adapted to make salted caramel ice cream flecked with crunch. And the quantities can be doubled if you’re feeding a small crowd cups or cones. 

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Butterscotch & Lime Ice Cream