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Catalan Meatballs

Time: Overnight soaking (unless using canned beans) plus 15 minutes soaking for mushrooms; 80 minutes (40 minutes if using canned beans) in the Thermomix; 5–10 minutes browning
Yield: 4–5

The Spanish cousin of a French cassoulet, this traditional Catalan bean stew consists of large meatballs (boles de picolat) served with a spiced tomato sauce, green olives and porcini mushrooms. It is mostly served as a hearty dinner in winter; you will find as many recipes as there are families but you really cannot go wrong with this dish. This is an ideal recipe for layer cooking in the Thermomix, making meatballs from scratch and using the Varoma dish to steam them while cooking the stew in the bowl. A “one-pot wonder”!

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Catalan Meatballs