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Chocolate, Date and Pecan Biscuits

Time: Time 10 minutes prep; 4 minutes in the Thermomix; 12–14 minutes baking
Yield: Makes 12–15 biscuits

For those who are in need of chocolate but might find Melinda Plis’s handmade chocolates something best left to the experts, Tamara Morris’s recipe for chocolate, date and pecan biscuits is ideal for those with ten thumbs. These biscuits were inspired by a torte that a friend of Tamara makes, and these biscuits appeal to both big and little kids. There are just as good with a morning espresso as they are with a big glass of milk after school, they have the crunchy outside and gooey centre that is only achieved with perfectly whipped egg whites. Make sure the mixing bowl and butterfly are scrupulously clean and dry before you mount the egg whites. These biscuits are both gluten- and dairy-free (if using dairy-free chocolate).

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Chocolate, Date and Pecan Biscuits