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Chocolate & Walnut Tart

Time: 10 minutes in the Thermomix; at least 1 hour resting of the dough; 10 minutes assembling; 35 minutes baking
Yield: 8–10

The most time-consuming part of this dish is making the pastry, and that, I guess, is why the world is split into two major pastry parties: those who can, and those who never will. I was pleased to note a recent Instagram post by Christopher Kimball—he who started the monolithic America’s Test Kitchen, and is now starting out again with 177 Milk Street—that he admits to being “the world’s biggest baking idiot”. Fortunately, TMix+ has two of the world’s biggest baking geniuses in Lesley Russell and Yolaine Corbin, each with the capacity to look at a mix of flour and butter and eggs and yeast and—hey presto—perfect pastry appears from nowhere.

If you’re an organised soul, making pastry can be rather soothing, even if the results are occasionally less than perfect. If you’re not naturally organised and methodical, making pastry and cakes is the one time you can, and must, be. Making pastry, as Lesley and Yolaine both know, is as much about success following failure as any part of the cooking spectrum.

This tart is a classic dish of the food-processor era, now Thermomix time. It’s quite possible to do everything involved with this tart without any thought, technical skill, experience or getting the fingernails dirty. Just toss the lot down into the bowl—pastry and filling (separately)—put it all together just as you did at kindergarten with plasticine, and it’s done. Makes it a pretty good dish for the kids. It’s not, unfortunately, a tart for the moment. It’s best when it has been allowed to cool and set, and then you can attack it with undisciplined gusto.

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Chocolate & Walnut Tart