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Chorizo, Potato & Cabbage Soup

Time: 5 minutes prep; 22 minutes in the Thermomix
Yield: 6

This rib-sticking soup will amply feed a family and has style as well as substance thanks to the sweetly smoky warmth of different forms of paprika.

In Australia, we typically use the word “paprika” to describe the brick-red powders made from the sweet, not-so-hot members of the capsicum family. The resulting dried spice may be labelled as sweet paprika, mild paprika or—depending on how it is processed—smoked paprika.

But in some parts of Europe, including Germany, the Netherlands and Hungary, paprika also refers to fresh, whole capsicums. A wide range of capsicum varieties are sold under this name in central and eastern Europe.

In Spain, paprika goes by the name pimenton; in the La Vera region whole peppers are wood-smoked before being ground, giving the resulting powder great fragrance and complexity. This is the flavour many of us associate with chorizo sausage: it’s an essential ingredient in true Spanish chorizo, whether the chorizo is “soft” or the firmer cured type we use in this recipe. 

For this soup, Tenina Holder has layered paprika on paprika with chorizo, fresh red capsicum and ground, smoked paprika. The result is complex and aromatic, packed with umami flavours as well as the comfort of cabbage, potato and chickpeas. If you don’t finish it in one go, it will keep in the fridge for happy reheating all week long.

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Chorizo, Potato & Cabbage Soup