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Conticini’s Spectacular Rhubarb Tart

Time: 28 minutes in the Thermomix; 2 hours 20 minutes minimum resting dough; 45 minutes baking; 45 minutes cooling
Yield: 8–10

One glance at this showstopper rhubarb tart from Philippe Conticini’s Sensations cookbook (Minerva, 2009) and you know you are in for something quite spectacular. Whether you love rhubarb or (think) you hate it, this dessert is like nothing you have tried before and is well worth the effort. By effort, we refer to time, not difficulty, as all the components are very simple made in the Thermomix. The base is a rich, crumbly vanilla-and-lemon sweet pastry, followed by a layer of rich almond cream, topped with a vibrant rhubarb compote and finished with caramelised roasted rhubarb strips and an exotic glaze. Nearly too good to be eaten; take a good look at it (and many pictures) because once you take your first mouthful you will not hold back.

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Conticini’s Spectacular Rhubarb Tart