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Creamed Corn

Time: 10 minutes prep; 20 minutes in the Thermomix
Yield: 4-6

This is a first cousin of the accompaniment to the fried chicken on the previous pages, but in this case it’s the star of the show. It looks—in photos and in fact—like a very rich scrambled eggs concoction, in colour, and via the richness of the corn and its brilliant connection to the butter and parmesan (or provolone, or other powerful cheese).

It makes the perfect breakfast antidote to a big night out, particularly with those classic hangover cure must-haves, hearty bacon and mushrooms, and well-buttered toast, but it’s just as wonderful as a late morning brunch, a late supper, or a partner to pasta (just don’t overwhelm the pasta).

Although some may claim it as a fresh polenta, it’s not that at all, but a brilliant version of the creamed corn that dominates the shelves of your local supermarket, next to the tinned kernels, tinned tomatoes, and tinned whatever-elses.

There’s a tradition with corn aficionados that corn should be eaten immediately after it is picked, but that privilege is something few of us can attain. This version gets very close to replicating that wonderful sweetness of the very freshest of corn. Once you’ve tried the recipe, you are free to add more garlic, less garlic, more pepper, less pepper, herbs of any sort or chilli, if you want to spice things up.

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Creamed Corn