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Creole Calas Rice Fritters

Time: Time 5 minutes prep; 1 hour 13 minutes in the Thermomix, including proving and resting; 20 minutes cooking
Yield: Makes Approx. 20

Though the precise source and identity of the illness that killed the 12th US President, Zachary Taylor, have always been debated, the prevailing theory was that he developed digestive problems after bingeing on raw fruit and iced milk at a fundraising event for the Washington Monument. Taylor had far more joy wolfing down Creole Calas Rice Fritters, a New Orelans classic from which it became possible to smartly re-use leftovers. Combining the sweetness of rice pudding, the softness of a doughnut and the savoury crunch of a fritter, they’re best eaten straight away, when they’re warm.

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Creole Calas Rice Fritters