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Dulse Cakes

Time: 25–30 minutes in the Thermomix; 10 minutes soaking; 8–10 minutes frying
Yield: 6 Cakes

Whether you do Meat-free Mondays, have a vegetarian in the family or simply welcome more ways to eat more vegies, these egg-free patties, made with a trio of root vegetables, make a hearty meal, fortified as they are with dulse.

What is dulse? It’s a red-leafed seaweed that can be bought dried and added to dishes for its salty, savoury taste. But in recent times, it’s enjoying a newfound popularity for often being used in the same sentence as “bacon” and “superfood”. To be clear, dulse tastes like bacon when it’s processed like bacon (brined, smoked and fried). Its nutritional qualities however are more straightforward, being high in protein and minerals. 

Because “superfood” as a term is relatively newly discovered, the foods stamped with the term also give the impression of being newly discovered, but even Dickens enjoyed eating dulse. In 1858 he wrote “the ruddy and sonsie dulse-women looked the types of health and strength … Many a time I have expended [my whole weekly income] on dulse, in preference to apples, pears, blackberries, cranberries, strawberries, wild peas and sugar-sticks.”

Serve these savoury dulse cakes with rice and relish, or in place of vegetables with roast lamb. 


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Dulse Cakes