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Flourless Chocolate Puddings

Time: 5 minutes prep; 6 minutes in the Thermomix; 12 minutes cooking; 5 minutes resting
Yield: 8 puddings

Chocolate, butter, eggs and just a little sugar: that’s all you need to make these deceptively dainty puddings. Small in size but big in impact, they are intensely dark and rich, firm at the edges but moist inside. This is a particularly good dessert for entertainers, not just because the puddings present so prettily: they also deliver a grown-up chocolate hit without a lot of bulk at the end of a substantial meal. The whole process happens in the Thermomix, so they don’t take up the sought-after dinner-party real estate known as “oven space”. And because they’re served in the moulds in which they’re steamed, there’s no fiddly turning-out to be tackled at the end of the night. The mix may be prepared ahead of time, before dinner; you can leave the puddings set up ready for cooking and steam them as you clear the main course. A little whipped cream and cocoa powder is a whimsical finishing touch. Winter oranges or summer berries are classic companions for chocolate and make beautiful accompaniments. 


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Flourless  Chocolate Puddings