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Fricadelles de Veau à la Nicoise

Time: 6 minutes in the Thermomix; 10 minutes assembling; 30 minutes cooking
Yield: 6

Fricadelles, traditionally patties consisting of minced meat, parsley, onions, milk (or beer) and breadcrumbs, are often served with French fries by the food trucks and bistros of northern France and Belgium. There are many versions: sausage-shaped, large or small meatballs, round, flat burger patties. The choice is yours, and it will be a winning dish with the kids regardless of their shape or form.

Add any flavours you like (here I substituted semi-dried tomatoes for fresh ones to supply a deeper flavour). Julia Child advises that 100 grams of leftover ratatouille added to the mix makes a great combination. You may also replace the veal mince with beef, lamb or chicken, and use pork mince instead of sausage meat.

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Fricadelles de Veau à la Nicoise