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Time: 3 minutes in the Thermomix plus 30 minutes rest for the dough; 5 minutes for the filling; 10 minutes frying
Yield: 6 gozleme

When it comes to making this classic Turkish pastry, thin is definitely in. The glory of gozleme (try saying “gers-leh-meh”) lies in its crepe-fine pastry wrapped around a gently spiced filling before the package—or “pocket” as Turks might say—is fried to warm perfection.

If you’re travelling in Turkey you’ll find gozleme sold at street stalls, cooked to a golden-brown finish on special griddles. Traditionally a breakfast treat, it has made its way around the world to become a well-loved snack at any time of day.

These days, some young Turks barely bother stepping on to the street to get their gozleme fix. Istanbul-based online food delivery company Yemeksepeti, which processes more than 90 million food orders each year, reports that gozleme orders doubled in 2015 to become the company’s most popular breakfast order.

For those of us still dreaming of to-the-door delivery of these savoury heroes, the Thermomix is here to help. The options for fillings are many, but this oozy, cheesy version boosted with the goodness of silverbeet is a great place to start. Feel free to add more green in the form of chopped mint, parsley or dill, if that’s what takes your fancy, and branch out from there—you’ll find some alternative suggestions from Lesley Russell elsewhere on this page. 

No matter how you fill gozleme, they’re a brilliant party-starting pass-around bite with drinks—make sure you have plenty of paper napkins to hand, because these boys can get messy. Or, coupled with a simple salad, they make a light but vibrant weekend lunch, or a hits-the-spot supper. 

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