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Iced Turmeric, Lemon & Ginger Tea

Time: 1 minute prep; 16 minutes in the Thermomix; 2 hours cooling in refrigerator
Yield: 1 litre

Americans have been drinking tea since colonial times—does the Boston Tea Party ring any bells? Iced tea is another matter, as ice did not become widely available in America until the 1800s. Enterprising businessmen in the north began shipping ice to the warmer states, and recipes for iced tea began to pop up. It became popular in the Deep South—think sultry afternoons, pillared porches and Scarlett O’Hara. Early concoctions tended to include a shot of alcohol but non-alcoholic recipes began to emerge in print in the late 19th century and found fame in 1904 at the World’s Fair in St Louis. The 20 million visitors who attended the fair in sweltering weather drank enormous quantities of iced tea, and took the idea home with them. Iced tea got a further boost from the arrival of Prohibition, when restaurants, hotels and clubs needed to serve drinks that contained no alcohol but tasted adult and interesting regardless. 

Although iced tea is typically made with black tea leaves, it can also be made with herbal teas, which is the case in this zesty, refreshing recipe. We’ve made our tea with immune-boosting ingredients such as ginger, lemon, turmeric and honey to keep you feeling fit and healthy. 

If required, adjust the sweetness by adding a little more honey, maple syrup or rice malt syrup after step 3.

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Iced Turmeric, Lemon  & Ginger Tea