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Indian Vegetarian Burger (Vada Pav)

Time: 5 minutes prep; 25 minutes (total) in the Thermomix; 1 hour rising;1 hour (total) boiling/frying
Yield: 6

Kat Craddock, a contributor to Saveur magazine, describes these vada pav as: “One of the most popular street snacks in Maharashtra and its capital city, Mumbai.” Every element, from the potato patties to the different chutneys that accompany this dish, has a unique taste. Between them they pack a lot of flavour and it all works together so well to keep your taste buds buzzing. Mustard oil is available from Indian grocers and some Asian grocers. We recommend waxy potatoes such as Dutch Cream or Nicola for best results.

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Indian Vegetarian Burger (Vada Pav)