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Lamb Manti with Yoghurt & Brown Butter Tomato Sauce

Time: 11 minutes in the Thermomix; 1 hour resting dough; 20–30 minutes rolling & assembly; 8 minutes baking; 30 minutes cooking (or steaming)
Yield: 6

These small, silky dumplings are Turkey’s answer to ravioli. They are thought to have travelled, literally, across central Asia with the nomadic tribes who arrived in the country we now call Turkey back in the 13th century: the theory is that as the horsemen made their way west, they carried dried or frozen manti that could be quickly boiled up over a small campfire. This may explain why versions of manti are also found in China’s Islamic regions, in Afghanistan and Armenia and at various points between. In modern-day Turkish cities you’ll find manti stuffed with everything from chickpeas to seafood but one of the best-loved and most traditional fillings is spiced, ground lamb. Yolaine Corbin’s version is flavoured with baharat, a mild and fragrant spice blend much loved throughout the Middle East. The Thermomix does such a brilliant job of toasting and grinding spices that making your own baharat is a must. There’s no denying that making manti, even with the help of the Thermomix and a pasta machine (not necessary but helpful) is a multi-stage process and a labour of love. Busy Turkish home cooks buy pre-made manti at supermarkets but those who value the superior flavour and satiny texture of the home-made dish often choose to get together and make it a group activity. Most of the work is in rolling the dough and forming the little parcels; expert manti makers pride themselves on making the dumplings as small as possible but we have opted here for a size that, while still authentic, is not so small as to be impossible for first-timers. Slicked with paprika-spiked tomato sauce and the piquancy of garlicky yoghurt, they make a meal to remember.

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Lamb Manti with Yoghurt & Brown Butter Tomato Sauce