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Lime Souffle

Time: 5 minutes prep; 12 minutes in the Thermomix; 10 minutes baking
Yield: 4

Piege is a two-Michelin-stars chef and regarded as one of the most promising chefs of his generation. There is no doubt he can be trusted when it comes to this French classic. His theory is simple: “With some eggs and some sugar, we can make a soufflé.” It's true—this recipe is so easy and foolproof if you follow a few simple rules. Fat is the enemy of fluffy egg whites, so ensuring that your bowl is free of any traces of fat and that your egg whites are not contaminated with egg yolk is vital. Making sure you go up the sides of the dishes when brushing them with melted butter will help the soufflé rise. These lime soufflés are as airy as little clouds, zesty, and with minimal sugar. Coupled with a refreshing citrus salad it makes a light and lovely end to a meal.

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Lime Souffle