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Milanese Panettone

Time: 13 minutes in the Thermomix; 8–12 hours resting starter; 3 hours proving; 50 minutes baking
Yield: 1 kilogram

This sweet bread is originally from Milan and is often enjoyed over Christmas. Most of us buy it in its characteristic tall square box—it is rarely home-made due to the lengthy process involving curing the dough (similarly to sourdough) and proving over several days.

This recipe is a great compromise and still results in the fluffy texture and characteristic acidity of the crumb minus the wait. It only requires the “starter “ to be made overnight and you will be able to enjoy a tall slice of Panettone the next day with your favourite hot beverage. What a way to impress your host next time someone says “just bring yourself” to a social gathering. Panettone moulds can be challenging to source in Australia. For this recipe, we used a 16 x 10 centimetre Ibili panettone springform mould purchased on Ebay for $37.

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Milanese Panettone