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Time: 30 seconds in the Thermomix; 15 minutes frying
Yield: 4 (30–32 meatballs)

These Milanese meatballs are made in the peasant tradition of using up what you have. They might not look glamorous but they are authentic and much loved: in 2008, the Comune di Milano awarded them piatto del territorio (“dish of the territory”) recognition.

The flavours are bold and strong and the dish is a great way to use leftover meats (boiled or roasted) minced
in the Thermomix with sausage, mortadella, parmesan, garlic, herbs and lemon zest. The meatballs are coated
in breadcrumbs before being shallow-fried in clarified butter. A hit with adults and children; speaking from experience, they will be gone before you have time to think of what to serve them with. Just enjoy them on their own—or, like our photographer and art director did, douse them in home-made tartare sauce (see recipe).

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