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Moroccan Rocky Road

Time: 0 minutes 10 seconds in the Thermomix; 30 minutes cooling; minimum 2 hours chilling
Yield: 20

Rocky road is one of the things I had never heard of until my first trip to Australia in 2000. Back then, I spent a year backpacking around the country and became familiar with the local treasures… including culinary. My first encounter with “rocky road” was in the form of an ice cream from Baskin Robbins. Chocolate, roasted almonds, and marshmallows—say no more! I became hooked and went on “special treating” myself each night if there was an outlet within walking distance. Until I put on 5 kilograms and my hiking shorts no longer fitted. I sadly had to give up my daily addiction.

A national favourite, rocky road usually involves marshmallow, milk chocolate, glace cherries, desiccated coconut and nuts. This Moroccan-inspired version will surprise and delight you with bittersweet macerated dates, rich dark chocolate, a touch of cardamom and the most divine home-made marshmallows (so easy to make and so much tastier than store-bought). Oh no… this could easily turn into a new daily addiction!

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Moroccan Rocky Road