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Peach & Rosemary Jam

Time: 0 minutes prep; overnight macerating; 60 minutes in the Thermomix
Yield: 400 grams

It’s strange how you come across recipes. I was looking for A, came across B, zoomed through C, and ended up on a French cook’s blog, Une toqueé en cuisine (our resident French speaker, Yolaine Corbin, tells me that means a cook in the kitchen, toqueé being a chef’s hat; toqueé also has a slang meaning, “crazy”). It had nothing to do with the Thermomix, but, in this case, all to do with peaches; specifically, peach jam given extra oomph with rosemary.

Rosemary is a family favourite. When my mother died, we distributed a seedling of rosemary to all who came to bid her farewell. The three or four I planted—this was in 2008—have flourished, and now dominate our backyard, a beautiful thing.

The original recipe was to be done in a stewing pan, in the old way—after slicing the peaches, and macerating them overnight with the rosemary and sugar. I thought it best to let the Thermomix loose.

Most of the time in prep is in removing the seeds from the pulp. I took the easy way out—slicing around the seed and sucking on what was left. With peaches so gorgeous at this time of the year, it was no chore. A kilogram of peaches yielded about 660 grams of pulp. The recipe requires half the weight of sugar to the weight of the pulp, so if you’ve more, just do the maths.

By pulverising the leaves of the rosemary with the sugar, the subtle but beautiful flavour of the rosemary impregnates the jam. This will now be part of every summer, reviving memories of mum.

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Peach & Rosemary Jam