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Peach, Thyme & Mascarpone Mousse

Time: 24 minutes in the Thermomix; minimum 1 hour 30 minutes cooling; minimum 3 hours chilling
Yield: 6

There is no doubt that peach and thyme are a marriage made in heaven—this mousse is a testimony that they are truly meant for one another. It’s a dessert that has the right balance of sweetness and acidity, a pleasant hint of aromatics and a surprisingly aerated, light texture in the mouth.

You could substitute the peach and thyme with these well-matched flavour combinations: apricot and rosemary, raspberry and tarragon, strawberry and basil, fig and balsamic vinegar, pineapple and mint or even mango and kaffir lime leaves.

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Peach, Thyme &  Mascarpone Mousse