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Pierre Herme’s Lemon Cake

Time: 23 minutes in the Thermomix; 20 minutes infusing; 1 hour baking
Yield: 8

When life gives you lemons… make Pierre Hermé’s famous Cake au Citron! What makes this lemon cake better than any other, you ask? The answer is—beside the fact that it comes from one of France’s most iconic pastry chefs—the exquisite balance of lemony flavour, with the infusion of the lemon zest blended in the sugar, and a wonderful, moist texture from the soaking syrup brushed on straight after cooking. The beauty of this cake is that it will keep nice and moist for several days. We actually recommend enjoying it the day after; all the flavours will have developed and it will taste even nicer. Tightly wrapped up in cling film, it will keep up to a week at room temperature.

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Pierre Herme’s Lemon Cake