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Polish Vanilla Slice

Time: for the pastry, 10 minutes prep per batch, plus 20 minutes baking (approximately); for the custard and assembly 15 minutes, plus chilling time of at least an hour
Yield: 12-14 Serves

The vanilla slice is a bit of a benchmark for bakers in rural Victoria. Each year, for the past 18 years, country bakehouses have been refining their recipes and making wobbly wodges of vanilla custard sandwiched almost impossibly between crisp pastry for a crack at the annual Great Australian Vanilla Slice Triumph. 

Competition winners can expect to more than treble their vanilla slice output, and see a few out-of-towners in the bakery who’ve made a special detour. For some, the greatness of the vanilla slice is in the icing (often passionfruit), for others it’s in the creaminess of the custard. This Polish version is made with choux pastry, filled with velvety custard and coated in sugar dust. A true triumph.



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Polish Vanilla Slice