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Raspberry Swirl & Coconut Yoghurt Bark

Time: 20 seconds in the Thermomix; overnight freezing
Yield: 20 pieces

This is a quick, easy, yet healthy snack to keep in the freezer for when you feel like a sweet treat or when the kids come in from school and are starving. It is simple to whip up in just a few minutes and tastes delicious. I have found that not all coconut yoghurt is equal in terms of taste and consistency. Look for a brand that doesn’t contain added sugar. It should only contain coconut cream/milk, probiotics, and a thickener such as tapioca. You will find some brands are very thick, while others are quite smooth and creamy. I prefer to use one that is a little runnier; however, it is a personal preference, so if the first one you try isn’t to your taste, try another brand.

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Raspberry Swirl & Coconut Yoghurt Bark