Risotto alla Milanese | TMix+

Risotto alla Milanese

Time: 22 minutes in the Thermomix; 10–15 minutes resting
Yield: 4

A classic. No Milanese food segment would be complete without it.

Risotto was the very first dish I ever made in my Thermomix—hardly original, I know! But fair enough also, when the Thermomix whips up perfect risotto under 25 minutes without the hassle of stirring.

Milanese risotto has a deep aroma, divine richness and distinctive yellow tinge from the saffron. You will never forget once you have tried it. If you can source bone marrow, the effort will reward you with fantastic flavours worthy of a five-star dining experience.

Sufficient in itself as a standalone dish, this risotto makes the perfect accompaniment for Osso Buco (page 80). No need to wash the bowl after making the gremolata, just go straight to it.

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Risotto alla Milanese