Risotto - cooked by absorption | TMix+

Risotto - cooked by absorption

Time: minimal prep (presuming you have the stock of your choice on hand); 12 minutes cooking
Yield: 2-4

Anybody who has attended a demo for the Thermomix will leave desperate to make risotto cooked in the Thermomix one of life’s staples. It is, they say, one of the Thermomix’s greatest triumphs. The reverse and speed-soft setting stirs gently without breaking up the rice grains, and the process is virtually hands-free. Ferron is more old school, but, if you want the job done quickly while enjoying a gin and tonic, then his model is the time saver; and he notes vigorously (everything he does and says is with vigour), please, only a wooden spoon when stirring the rice. We’ve heard of sensitivity to insects and animals, but until now, never grains or pulses.

As our masthead says, this magazine is all about getting the most from your Thermomix, but equally it’s about sthe plus. So here’s the first TMix+ challenge: the Thermomix vs Ferron. Choose your weapons. (We’d love to hear your thoughts: challenge@tmixplus.com.)

TMix+ is not about “everything is better in the Thermomix”, it’s about testing, trialling, confirming or denying. This recipe is in the style espoused by Gabriele Ferron, an evangelist for risotto and his favoured vialone nano or carnaroli rice. For me, it beats all comers hands down—and it’s simpler, better and quicker than the Thermomix version, and even the traditional stir-and-add model. 

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Risotto - cooked by absorption