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Speculoos Cheesecake with Yoghurt & White Chocolate

Time: 7 minutes in the Thermomix; 6 hours setting minimum
Yield: 10–12

We’ve said it before: here at TMix+ we’re not afraid to tackle life’s big questions. Today’s—tah-dah!—is cheesecake. Baked or set? Yes, as cheesecake aficionados know only too well, fans tend to fall into two camps. There are those of us who love a dense, baked blend of sweetened cream cheese, sour cream and egg yolks. Then there are the members of the opposing side, who love the lightness of texture that comes from a mousse-like filling of whipped cream cheese that’s been loosened with some pouring cream. Instead of relying on heat to develop a cake-like texture, this type of cheesecake gets a helping hand from gelatine and some setting time in the fridge.

Here, Yolaine Corbin uses her wickedly good Speculoos Spread (page 121) to sweeten the filling for a cheesecake that, in a way, bridges the gap. Yes, it’s a set cheesecake that eschews eggs and relies on gelatine to make it firm and slice-able. But, unlike many “refrigerator” cheesecakes, it’s not overwhelmingly sweet. There’s no additional sugar in the filling (you won’t miss it because there’s plenty in the Speculoos Spread) and the yoghurt lends it that tangy sour-cream feel. 

All up, it’s a peace process that is not just surprisingly easy—it tastes amazingly good.

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Speculoos Cheesecake with Yoghurt & White Chocolate