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St Honore Creme Memee

Time: 23 minutes in the Thermomix; 2 hours resting; 1 hour baking; 5 minutes cooking caramel; 30 minutes assembling
Yield: 8

The St Honoré gateau has always been on my bucket list to convert for the Thermomix, and while on the plane on my way to France I received a clear sign that now was the time to tackle this icon of French patisserie. Flicking through the onboard movie channels, I came across Haute Cuisine—Les Saveurs du Palais (directed by Christian Vincent). It tells the story of Danièle Mazet-Delpeuch, a farmer from the Périgord who was appointed as the private chef for French President Francois Mitterrand in the Elysee Palace. There are recipes galore through the movie—as one reviewer noted, “this is a food lover’s movie”—but the one I was attracted to was a version of St Honoré, this one made with a “crème Mémée” (Grandma cream, a pastry cream lightened with whipped egg whites) instead of the traditional heavier Chiboust cream (a mixture of pastry cream and Italian meringue). I also decided to go back to the dish’s original base of a shortcrust pastry instead of the more commonly used puff pastry. I find the crunchy element of the shortcrust pastry and caramel a lot more interesting when combined with the fluffy choux pastry, delicate pastry cream and rich yet light vanilla Chantilly cream. The film is available on Netflix after it received mixed reviews on its 2013 release. The naysayers were a bit unfair—I really enjoyed it—and it pushed me to creating this version for the Thermomix. I guarantee this dessert would score 100 per cent on

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St Honore Creme Memee