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Sweet Condensed Milk

Time: USING MILK: 100 minutes in the Thermomix; USING MILK POWDER 17 minutes in the Thermomix
Yield: USING MILK: 500 grams; USING MILK POWDER: 400 grams

So you have flicked through the exciting recipes of this segment only to realise that you have all ingredients for your favourite one—bar the condensed milk?

We have this sorted with these two excellent recipes, so you will never need to buy it again.

You will find two methods below—the more traditional one using only milk and sugar, and a much quicker version, which is closer to the consistency of the store-bought product, involving milk powder. Both are much lower in sugar than their commercial counterparts and have been tested multiple times to achieve the right flavour and a consistency that is smooth, sticky and creamy, not grainy or overly sweet.

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Sweet Condensed Milk