Three-Spice Tagine with Peaches | TMix+

Three-Spice Tagine with Peaches

Time: 55 minutes in the Thermomix
Yield: 4–5

Tagine is a traditional northern African dish named after the pottery dish it is cooked in, Tagine means “shallow earthen pot” in Arabic. The spicy stew-type dish often marries savoury and sweet, such as lamb with prunes; chicken with preserved lemon and olives; or duck with apricot and almonds. For this one-pot-wonder Thermomix version, my original thoughts were of a veal and peach combination but I soon realised that veal shoulder is particularly hard to source in Australia, even in the big smoke of Melbourne. I have instead tried and tested the recipe with pork instead, which is, ironically, anything but close to traditional. In terms of flavours, it works amazingly though, and the peach and pork are delicious together with the chickpeas, capsicum and the rich spicy broth. You could use chicken thigh fillets or chicken breast for this dish as well, or apricots instead of peaches.

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Three-Spice Tagine with Peaches