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Triple-Cooked Chips ala Heston

Time: 30 minutes in the Thermomix; 1 hour cooling; 2 hours minimum in freezer; 12 minutes deep frying x 3
Yield: 4

The man himself, Heston Blumenthal, describe these chips as “one of my proudest legacies” and they sure deliver what they promise: “chips with a glass-like crust and a soft, fluffy centre”. The key to the success is to follow three steps, each equally important. First, cooking the chips until they almost fall apart. Heston’s method achieves this by boiling them, but here we steam them using the two layers of the Varoma. The next step aims to remove as much moisture as possible by placing them in the freezer before they get a first deep-frying at 130C, which will “seal” them and prepare the crust. A second freezing period of one hour follows. Yes, these chips do require more work and technique but once you try the result you will never go back to old soggy fries.

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Triple-Cooked Chips ala Heston