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Walnut Cake (Saint-André)

Time: 10 minutes in the Thermomix; 30–40 minutes baking
Yield: 8

The Saint-André is a cake one makes over and over again. Filled with walnuts and not overly sweet, it’s an easy batter that lends itself to endless pairings while remaining moreish and delicious just as is. Make sure you use fresh, good quality walnuts. They are the main component and you will not get away with using stale nuts—they will shine through for all the wrong reasons.

Before baking you may want to top this cake with seasonal fruits such as plums, cherries, rhubarb, figs, pear, quince or apple. For an even fruitier version, place a layer of your chosen fruit over the base of the tin, then pour the cake batter over the top with more fruit and walnut halves before baking. Please note baking may take an extra 5–10 minutes with the addition of fruit.

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Walnut Cake (Saint-André)