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White Sandwich Bread (Pain de Mie)

Time: 9 minutes in the Thermomix; 3–4 hours proving; 35 minutes baking
Yield: 1 large sandwich loaf

Pain de Mie literally translates as “crumb bread”. The crumb is the most important component and the crust merely exists.

My first attempt at converting this recipe resulted in a brick-like loaf that could potentially have been used as a self-defence weapon. Reading through the method (nine pages!), my intuition was that there was no way this recipe would work, not with our yeast anyway, but I thought I ought to replicate the process step by step for the sake of our experiment.

My other concern was the time required—who would want to go through seven steps and eight hours for a sandwich loaf when it can be achieved in the Thermomix in about three steps and less than half the time?

In the end, I believe this recipe is a happy medium respecting Julia Child’s ratio of ingredients with a simplified method. The result is a firm, close-grained and deliciously buttery loaf. A fantastic all-rounder, perfect for sandwiches, canapés, toast and croutons.

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White Sandwich Bread (Pain de Mie)