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Zucchini stuffed with Almond & Cheese

Time: 10 minutes prep; 11 minutes in the Thermomix, 30–35 minutes roasting
Yield: 6

This recipe is incredibly simple but undeniably one of my favourites of this segment. The flavours complement each other to perfection with an unusual marriage of zucchini and almond that allows “the flavour of the zucchini to survive the stuffing”. This conversion is true to the original—I only substituted double cream for sour cream, which I found lighter and more subtle in flavour, but feel free to use any cream you want. This makes a lovely vegetarian course (allow two per person) alongside a garden salad or as a side with grilled meat, poultry, fish or seafood—we particularly liked these with scallops and a lemon butter sauce.

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Zucchini stuffed with Almond & Cheese